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8th Kup - Yellow Belt



Knife-hand middle guarding block 

Twin forearm block 

Turning kick

Outer forearm outward block 

Knife-hand outward block 

High section punch

High section knife-hand inward strike 

Continuous motion 

Forearm guarding block 


Sonkal kaunde daebi makgi

Sang palmok makgi

Dollyo chagi

Bakat palmok bakaero makgi

Sonkal bakaero makgi

Nopunde jirugi

Nopunde sonkal anaero taerigi

Yonsok dongjak

Palmok daebi makgi

Knife-hand middle guarding block - Sonkal kaunde daebi makgi

Twin forearm block - Sang palmok makgi

Turning kick - Dollyo chagi

Outer forearm outward block - Bakat palmok bakaero makgi  

Knife-hand outward block - Sonkal bakaero makgi 

High section punch - Nopunde jirugi

High section knife-hand inward strike - Nopunde sonkal anaero taerigi 

Continuous motion - Yonsok dongjak

Forearm guarding block - Palmok daei makgi

Yellow belt colour meaning: Yellow signifies the Earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the Taekwon-Do foundation is being laid.

Green Belt Colour Meaning: Green signifies the plant’s growth as the Taekwon-Do skill begins to develop.

me kick green shadow flipped.png

Pattern - Dan-Gun Tul


Dan-Gun is named after the holy Dan-Gun, the legendary founder of Korea in the year 2,333BC.


Ready stance: Parallel Ready stance


Number of moves: 21

me kick green shadow.png
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