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5th Kup - Blue Tag

me kick green shadow flipped.png


Green Belt Colour Meaning: Green signifies the plant’s growth as the Taekwon-Do skill begins to develop.

Blue Belt Colour Meaning: Blue signifies the Heaven, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwon-Do progresses.


Two step sparring 

Twin vertical punch 

Palm upward block

Outer forearm waist block

Side elbow thrust

Hooking block 

Hooking kick 

Front elbow strike

Twin knifehand block 


Double forearm block 

Connecting motion 

X-fist pressing block 


Ibo matsoki

Sang sewo jirugi

Sonbadak ollyo makgi

Bakat palmok hori makgi

Yop palkup tulgi

Golcho makgi

Golcho chagi

Palkup ap taerigi

Sang sonkal makgi

Kyocha sogi

Doo palmok magki

Eeojin dongjak

Kyocha joomuk noollo makgi

Two step sparring - Ibo matsoki 

Twin vertical punch - Sang sewo jirugi

Palm upward block - Sonbadak ollyo makgi

Outer forearm waist block - Bakat palmok hori makgi

Side elbow thrust - Yop palkup tulgi

Hooking block - Golcho makgi

Hooking kick - Golcho chagi

Front elbow strike - Palkup ap taerigi

Twin knifehand block - Sang sonkal makgi

X-stance - kyocha sogi

Double forearm block - Doo palmok makgi

Connecting motion - Eeojin dongjak

X-fist pressing block - kyocha joomuk noollo makgi

me kick green shadow.png

Pattern - Yul-Gok Tul


Yul-Gok is the pseudonym of a great philosopher and scholar Yi I (1536-1584) nicknamed the “Confucius of Korea”. The 38 movements of this pattern refer to his birthplace on the 38o of latitude and the diagram represents “scholar”.


Ready stance: Parallel ready stance


Number of moves: 38

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